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CEO of AAA Star Driving School London - Ganesh B

"My  passion is to teach safe and skillful driving in an affordable manner to help you to succeed your exam." 

meet our director.


Approved Driving Instructor & Director of AAA STAR Driving School


AAA STAR Driving School was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable driving education to our community. We recognise that each student has an individual approach and pace to learning. Hence we pride ourselves in uniquely tailoring our teaching methods to maximise the students' valuable lesson time, making AAA STAR Driving School one of the best providers in the South West London Area.


We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule, and keep checking our webpage and social spaces for further information and regular updates. 


Ganesh learned to drive at the age of 19, passing his driving test on his first attempt. He distinctly remembers a compliment from his assessor that he was one of the safest drivers that he had seen. During his time in Germany, Ganesh also attained a European Driving License and garnered many praises for his driving talent from his instructor. 

In his early 20s, Ganesh steered his career trajectory towards corporate opportunities and worked his way up to several managerial positions. But one of Ganesh's keen interests has always been to establish his own business. Consequently, after establishing his family life, he channelled his passion for driving and teaching into his career and commenced his endeavour to become a driving instructor. At the beginning of his journey, Ganesh taught at a local driving school for five years, where he developed his expertise and expanded his clientele. 


The next phase of Ganesh's journey was to establish AAA STAR Driving School, with the support of his spouse and three children (the namesake of the company).

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